Build a solid foundation of creative and technical skills through modern, relevant instruction, access to industry standard hardware and software, and an engaging like-minded creative community – all taught by award-winning artist mentors that are passionate about seeing you level up.


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University-level education made accessible to all ages.

Just a few points that make Maestre’s approach to education unique:

Garden City’s newest music and arts venue isn’t JUST ANOTHER VENUE- it’s a training ground for musicians and visual artists.

 Maestre (pronounced mastery) is a 2000 sq ft facility for aspiring and established artists to collaborate, hone their craft and create content at a level of excellence that is second to none. Featuring unique spaces for education, community, and content creation. 


An intimate 600 sq ft industrial venue space with a complete stage lighting rig is designed by Madi Knobel, lighting director for The Knitting Factory. The high-end Martin Logan sound system offers pristine, crisp audio – far superior for a small space than a traditional PA system. The space also doubles a perfect, light-controlled studio for photography, videography, and light-based visual arts such as projection and LED pixel mapping.

A 500 sq ft classroom is fully equipped to educate musicians, coders, designers, animators and more with the modern, essential skills to excel in today’s technology-driven arts. Featuring four HP workstations complete with the latest midi hardware and audio recording interfaces from Native Instruments, as well as microphones from AKG and studio monitors from Presonus, each student has all the resources they need to bring to life whatever their mind desires to create. Oh, and we have a full coffee and espresso bar.

The loft offers a fully digital recording studio and lounge to focus on collaboration, songwriting and music production. This is where notebooks (or your notes app) are filled with lyric ideas, melodies are bounced back and forth between musicians, beats are made and tracks are laid. With an impressive collection of instruments at your disposal, inspiration is abundant and ready to be tapped into.

Each space offers unique visual landscapes for content creation – a significant part of Maestre’s Artist Development Program. The Program helps established artists think holistically about their brand – essentially their business – as a musician. Maestre’s network of expert mentors work with artists to develop a stronger stage presence, deliver a more captivating stage performance, generate high-quality social media content, create professionally designed artwork for branding and merchandise, as well as aid in music distribution and develop profitable business and marketing practices.


Maestre will be opening enrollment for four courses covering skills in music, design and interactive development. Courses will start in November 2020. Enrollment is just days away so be sure to join our mailing list to be notified when enrollment is open.


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